Milnes Cash Books

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This is a powerful utility to maintain the details of the transactions in your bank accounts in one centralised place and yet be accessible to only those authorised to do so. This is ideal where several people need access to the same information on the transactions ie
Clubs  for the Treasurer, the Asst Treasurer, the Auditor, Committee and Members.
Personal  husband & wife, partners, friends, families.
Business  the Partners and the office staff.

There is no software to install on your computer - if you can read this then you and your computer is ready to proceed (if you have a pre-approved Login_id and Password).

It is simple to operate yet provides many excellent features thus:

  1. Unlimited number of bank accounts.
  2. Unlimited number of transactions.
  3. Unlimited number of Income and Expenditure Categories to sort your transactions.
  4. Unlimited number of Budgets.
  5. Transactions can be grouped into "entities" ie Project No 1, Project No 2, Project No 3  (max of 99) regardless of Bank Account or Category Code or Date.
  6. Income & Expenditure Report.
  7. Bank Reconciliation Reports.
  8. Security: Access is restricted to those who have a pre-approved Login-ID and Password.
    There are 2 levels of access provided and your executive approve the levels for each person's Login-id.
    Administrators - those with this access level can Create & Edit records. All modules are accessible.  Probably given to only the people actually responsible for the money (ie for a Club: the Treasurer and Asst Treasurer.
    Supervisors - those with this access level can only View. All modules are accessible. Probably given other interested parties to allow them to monitor the performances of the Administrators.

     When you create an account with us, we allocate you a License Key (ie an electronic signature) which must be advised back to us whenever you request a change to access ID's etc.
    People Changes: When there is a change of your executive/staff we just change the Log-ins.
  9. Reliance on "old George" - You don't have to rely on one person and their home computer for your records - what happens if their computer fails? Or they fail? Clubs are becoming more aware of the potential danger of this practice.
  10. We can create Fields & Reports to suit your requirements (we can discuss whether a charge may apply).
  11. Speed input - dates are inputted ddmmyy   and amounts can be inputted (optionally) without a decimal point.
  12. Upload scans of an Invoice (or other document) to "attach" to its transaction - have a 'paperless' no filing office.
nz$10 per month
(payable half yearly in advance)
irrespective of the number of Accounts, Transactions, Users, Categories

We can provide assistance and tuition via Skype.

Please email us at  for
  1. enquiries.
  2. create an Access for you.