Milnes Membership Manager

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This is a powerful utility to maintain the details of the members of your Society, Group, School etc etc in one centralised place and yet be accessible to only those authorised to do so.
There is no software to install on your computer - if you can read this then you and your computer are ready to proceed (if you have a pre-approved Login_id and Password).

It is simple to operate yet provides many excellent features thus:

  1. A centralised single list of members (with a max of 1 million members allowed).
  2. Access is restricted to those who have a pre-approved Login-ID and Password.
    There are 3 levels of access provided and your executive approve the levels for each person's Login-id.
    Administrators - those with this access level can Create & Edit records. All modules are accessible.  Probably given to only the Membership Secretary and the Treasurer.
    Supervisors - those with this access level can not Create/Edit - only Read/view. All modules are accessible. Probably given to the Executives and the Auditor to allow them to monitor the performances of the Administrators.
    Members - those with his level can not Create/Edit - only Read/view. Very suitable for providing "Membership Lists" of selective field data to your Members.

     When you create an account with us, we allocate you a License Key (ie an electronic signature) which must be advised back to us whenever you request a change to access ID's etc.

    Staff Changes: When there is a change of your executive/staff there are no lists or books to hand over. We just change the Log-ins.
  3. Each member can be allocated a Code to identify their Type of membership (max of 27 codes available) thus:
        S = Senior members
        J = Junior members
        L = Life members
        E = Executive members
        P = Prospective members
        etc to a max of 26.
  4. Security - The security of your Membership List is very important to you and to Milnes.
    1. Milnes will never sell your data or make contact with your Members.
    2. The Milnes web site will never contain advertising or links etc.
    3. All data is held in internet based databases by our prominent and longstanding Internet Host Provider.
      This provides many advantages:
      (a)  Security: we believe them to have very high standards in respect not only to access but also fire, theft and equipment reliability and backup. 
      (b)  No software installation: if you can read this page then you and your computer can use MMM.
      (c)  Grunt: You do not need a powerful computer - all of the processing is done on the Host's big computers and the results are then sent to your computer for the display. Cunning huh ? Actually the speed of your internet connection is more important to performance than the speed of your computer.
      (d)  Multi-User: Many people can access, at the same time, the most up-to-date data available
      (if they have a pre-approved Login_id and Password).
      (e)  Reliance on "old George" - You don't have to rely on one person and their computer for your records - what happens if their computer fails? Clubs are becoming more aware of the potential danger of this practice. Similarly businesses are insisting now that their computer facilities are not to be used. Auditors are noting their Reports accordingly.
  5. We can create Fields & Reports to suit your requirements (we can discuss whether a charge may apply).
  6. You can obtain a dump of all your data (in .csv format) for your favourite Mail Merge programs (which we do not try to emulate here).
  7. Group-Email-Send module - each member can belong to up to 9 Email Groups and these can be used for selective bulk emailing purposes.
  8. Mini Bank Accounts - each Member can have a mini Bank Account which allows you to manage their debits (subs, fines, bar tabs, fees etc) and their credits (payments).
  9. Off-Site Storage for documents - you have a Vault where you can upload valuable documents (Minutes etc). Those with Supervisor access (your Committee) can go into the Vault and view (and download) the documents.

Because there is so much mis-information about the internet we know some people may be hesitant to investigate or trial MMM but please read the following and think calmly about the issues (?) - we do this so that you can make a rational decision. Please think twice about the following.

  1. Do you need MMM to hold any confidential data on your Members (salaries, family members and their dates? probably not)
  2. No doubt you have heard lots of stories about theft via the internet. 
    Do you personally know of any infringements (or is it scare mongering spread by Service Providers ?)   Remember Y2K ?
  3. How secure is your Membership List now to theft, fire, hardware failure, unauthorised access ? "Old George".


1 to 25 entries free     (or use this for a free trial for 3 months)
26 to 500 entries nz$10 per month   (payable half yearly in advance)
501 to 2000 entries nz$20 per month   (payable half yearly in advance)
2001 + nz$50 per month   (payable half yearly in advance)

We can provide assistance and tuition via Skype.

Please email us at  for
  1. enquiries.
  2. request access to a sample List.
  3. create an Account for you.